The M&E Cell deals with the following subjects:

  1. Monitoring the progress and evaluation/examination of provincial development schemes.
  2. Verification of physical and financial progress of development schemes through field visits.
  3. Identifying bottlenecks in financial and physical progress of schemes included in the ADP.
  4. Preparing annual review document of ADP.
  5. Preparing working papers for the provincial cabinet on the review of ADP on monthly/quarterly basis.
  6. Scrutiny & compilation of Monthly Progress Reports of ADP received from A.D.s and District Governments.
  7. Coordination of federally funded projects.
  8. Compilation of monthly progress reports & review of federally funded projects executed by Government of Sindh.
  9. Coordination of President’s and P.M.’s directives.
  10. Review of President’s directives pertaining to development.
  11. Coordination and review of Chief Minister’s directives.